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Budgit Air Powered Chain Hoists

One of our most popular hoists!

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Budgit Air Hoist

TSOC carries Budgit pneumatic chain hoists for jobs of every size. From 1/4 Ton to 1 Ton capacities, TSOC has a Budgit Air Chain hoist to meet all your needs.

Series 2200

The Budgit Series 2200 Air Hoist are small framed air chain hoists engineered for accurate load spotting for specialized lifting applications.

  • Capacities ranging from 1/4 Ton to 1 Ton
  • Pull cord control provides a lightweight, economical hoist for accurate control of loads
  • Easy operation from one handed pendant throttle controls
  • Lightweight and easily portable
  • External brake adjustment
  • Limit stops prevent over-travel in upper and lowering directions
Series 2200 Air Hoists, Pendant Control with Swivel Top Hook
Pull Cord Control
Type Capacity Part No. Lift Spd.
Link Chain 1/4-ton 2212 65 fpm
Link Chain 1/2-ton 2216 45 fpm
Link Chain 1-ton 2220 23 fpm

Budgit Air Hoist Documents

TSOC distributes Budgit air hoists; serving clients from coast to coast, Canada, Mexico and especially focused in the states of Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Arkansas, Mississippi, Nebraska, Tennessee, Kentucky, Iowa, and Oklahoma.

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