Double Girder Under Running Crane Double Girder Under Running Crane Double Girder Under Running Crane

Double Girder Under Running Cranes

TSOC designs, manufacturers, and installs double-girder cranes.

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Double Girder Under Running Bridge Cranes up to 25 Ton

Tri-State Overhead Crane can consult, design, and fabricate your double girder under running bridge cranes (also called under hung) for your specific application. All design and fabrication is done inside our 37,000 square foot state of the art fabrication facility located in St. Louis, MO. Double girder under running bridge cranes are an ideal solution for especially tight headroom clearances. The inherent design allows the hoist to be mounted in-between the girders utilizing the girder headroom for optimum high hook. Under running girder cranes are typically supported from a runway structure that has been integrated into the building design.

Double girder under running cranes can be provided for CMAA Class A, Class B, Class C and Class D with typical capacities up to 25 tons and spans to 100 feet or more. Typically these double girder cranes are designed from Standard I-beam, Wide flange, reinforced wide flange or box girder construction. End trucks can be provided in 4 wheel or 8 wheel (bogey construction) for increased spans and capacities.

Double girder cranes are typically provided with electric wire rope trolley hoists but can also be provided with electric chain hoist depending on the application and customer preference. Although it is not common double girder under running bridge cranes can be provided with top running trolley hoists.

Double girder under running bridge cranes are typically used in light to heavy industrial applications ranging from mining, steel processing, steel mills, railroad equipment, equipment repair, farm implement repair, coal, electricity, defense and aerospace. Special applications include spark resistant or explosion proof, clean room and food processing environments.

Some available options for these overhead bridge cranes include but are not limited to dual hoist, radio remote control, custom variable frequency control with up to 1000:1 control ratio, full or service platform, horns and lights, overload protection, stacker masts and travel limits. All Tri-State overhead cranes are designed to CMAA specifications.

Advantages of Double Girder Under Running Cranes

  • Minimum headroom required.
  • Ease of maintenance especially with control on a catwalk.
  • Ultra Low Headroom designs possible.
  • Durable construction for maximum up time-Less maintenance.
  • Longer spans and capacities available.
  • Modular easily repaired components available such as brakes, motors, controls for ease of maintenance.
  • NEMA rated components available.
  • Faster travel speeds.
  • Longer spans.
  • Higher duty cycle.
  • Can be designed with your building for an integrated system.

TSOC distributes and manufactures double girder under running bridge cranes; serving clients from coast to coast, Canada, Mexico and especially focused in the states of Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Arkansas, Mississippi, Nebraska, Tennessee, Kentucky, Iowa, and Oklahoma.

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