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Portable Aluminum Gantry Cranes

Our Aluminum Gantry Cranes are the ideal solution when you need to lift equipment, machines or heavy parts. All our gantry cranes are portable which allow the crane to placed anywhere. The lightweight aluminum construction of the gantry frame and the option of inflatable pneumatic caster wheels allow these gantries to be maneuvered over rough or uneven surfaces.

eme Aluminum Gantry Cranes

These eme (easily moved equipment) cranes are made in Canada with a 5-year standard warranty against manufacturer's defects. Due to the bolted construction, cheek plates, end plates, and solid leg structure; all eme gantry cranes are designed to be moved safely while under FULL-RATED LOAD! These gantry cranes can be taken down and reassembled with just two people in less than 20 minutes.

Standard Features of eme Portable Gantry Cranes:

  • Load tested to 150% of lift capacity with an engineer's stamped certificate of test, and engineer certified drawing all performed before shipment and then supplied to end user.
  • All aluminum-alloy, bolted construction. Allows gantry crane to be rolled when under full load!
  • Includes "surround-beam" top riding, locking trolley.
  • Locking casters (independently for swivel/roll -crane can be steered and rolled under load).
  • Simple two-bolt height and clear span adjustments.
  • Two-wrench, two-person assembly from the ground up –no other equipment needed.
Standard eme Gantry Cranes
Model No. Cap. Adj. Ht. Span
1100R 1,100 lbs. 66-90 in. 8 ft.
2200R 2,200 lbs. 66-90 in. 8 ft.
2200LW 2,200 lbs. 82-122 in. 10 ft.
4400M 4,400 lbs. 66-90 in. 8 ft.
4400R 4,400 lbs. 82-122 in. 10 ft.
4400T 4,400 lbs. 98-138 in. 15 ft.
6600R 6,600 lbs. 106-154 in. 15 ft.
11000R 11,000 lbs. 106-154 in. 15 ft.

How to Assemble an eme Gantry Crane


Gorbel Aluminum Gantry Cranes

These portable aluminum gantry cranes are collapsible for easy storage, have a 10-year manufacturer's warranty; and include the beam trolley. Choose a standard model from the chart below or contact us for a customized gantry crane.

Standard Gorbel Aluminum Gantry Cranes (1,000 lbs.)
Model No. Cap. Adj. Ht. Span
ALUG-1000-6/9-8 1/2-ton 6-9 ft. 8 ft.
ALUG-1000-7.5/10.5-8 1/2-ton 7.5–10.5 ft. 8 ft.
ALUG-1000-9/12-8 1/2-ton 9–12 ft. 8 ft.
ALUG-1000-6/9-10 1/2-ton 6-9 ft. 10 ft.
ALUG-1000-7.5/10.5-10 1/2-ton 7.5–10.5 ft. 10 ft.
ALUG-1000-9/12-10 1/2-ton 9–12 ft. 10 ft.
ALUG-1000-6/9-12 1/2-ton 6-9 ft. 12 ft.
ALUG-1000-7.5/10.5-12 1/2-ton 7.5–10.5 ft. 12 ft.
ALUG-1000-9/12-12 1/2-ton 9–12 ft. 12 ft.
ALUG-1000-6/9-15 1/2-ton 6-9 ft. 15 ft.
ALUG-1000-7.5/10.5-15 1/2-ton 7.5–10.5 ft. 15 ft.
ALUG-1000-9/12-15 1/2-ton 9–12 ft. 15 ft.
ALUG-1000-6/9-18 1/2-ton 6-9 ft. 18 ft.
ALUG-1000-7.5/10.5-18 1/2-ton 7.5–10.5 ft. 18 ft.
ALUG-1000-9/12-18 1/2-ton 9–12 ft. 18 ft.
ALUG-1000-6/9-20 1/2-ton 6-9 ft. 20 ft.
ALUG-1000-7.5/10.5-20 1/2-ton 7.5–10.5 ft. 20 ft.
ALUG-1000-9/12-20 1/2-ton 9–12 ft. 20 ft.
Standard Gorbel Aluminum Gantry Cranes (2,000 lbs.)
Model No. Cap. Adj. Ht. Span
ALUG-2000-6/9-8 1-ton 6-9 ft. 8 ft.
ALUG-2000-7.5/10.5-8 1-ton 7.5–10.5 ft. 8 ft.
ALUG-2000-9/12-8 1-ton 9–12 ft. 8 ft.
ALUG-2000-6/9-10 1-ton 6-9 ft. 10 ft.
ALUG-2000-7.5/10.5-10 1-ton 7.5–10.5 ft. 10 ft.
ALUG-2000-9/12-10 1-ton 9–12 ft. 10 ft.
ALUG-2000-6/9-12 1-ton 6-9 ft. 12 ft.
ALUG-2000-7.5/10.5-12 1-ton 7.5–10.5 ft. 12 ft.
ALUG-2000-9/12-12 1-ton 9–12 ft. 12 ft.
ALUG-2000-6/9-15 1-ton 6-9 ft. 15 ft.
ALUG-2000-7.5/10.5-15 1-ton 7.5–10.5 ft. 15 ft.
ALUG-2000-9/12-15 1-ton 9–12 ft. 15 ft.
ALUG-2000-6/9-18 1-ton 6-9 ft. 18 ft.
ALUG-2000-7.5/10.5-18 1-ton 7.5–10.5 ft. 18 ft.
ALUG-2000-9/12-18 1-ton 9–12 ft. 18 ft.
ALUG-2000-6/9-20 1-ton 6-9 ft. 20 ft.
ALUG-2000-7.5/10.5-20 1-ton 7.5–10.5 ft. 20 ft.
ALUG-2000-9/12-20 1-ton 9–12 ft. 20 ft.
Standard Gorbel Aluminum Gantry Cranes (4,000 lbs.)
Model No. Cap. Adj. Ht. Span
ALUG-4000-6/9-8 2-ton 6-9 ft. 8 ft.
ALUG-4000-7.5/10.5-8 2-ton 7.5–10.5 ft. 8 ft.
ALUG-4000-9/12-8 2-ton 9–12 ft. 8 ft.
ALUG-4000-6/9-10 2-ton 6-9 ft. 10 ft.
ALUG-4000-7.5/10.5-10 2-ton 7.5–10.5 ft. 10 ft.
ALUG-4000-9/12-10 2-ton 9–12 ft. 10 ft.
ALUG-4000-6/9-12 2-ton 6-9 ft. 12 ft.
ALUG-4000-7.5/10.5-12 2-ton 7.5–10.5 ft. 12 ft.
ALUG-4000-9/12-12 2-ton 9–12 ft. 12 ft.
ALUG-4000-6/9-15 2-ton 6-9 ft. 15 ft.
ALUG-4000-7.5/10.5-15 2-ton 7.5–10.5 ft. 15 ft.
ALUG-4000-9/12-15 2-ton 9–12 ft. 15 ft.
ALUG-4000-6/9-18 2-ton 6-9 ft. 18 ft.
ALUG-4000-7.5/10.5-18 2-ton 7.5–10.5 ft. 18 ft.
ALUG-4000-9/12-18 2-ton 9–12 ft. 18 ft.
ALUG-4000-6/9-20 2-ton 6-9 ft. 20 ft.
ALUG-4000-7.5/10.5-20 2-ton 7.5–10.5 ft. 20 ft.
ALUG-4000-9/12-20 2-ton 9–12 ft. 20 ft.

Tri-State Overhead Crane is a distributor for Portable Aluminum Gantry Cranes; serving clients from coast to coast, Canada, Mexico and especially focused in the states of Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Arkansas, Mississippi, Nebraska, Tennessee, Kentucky, Iowa, and Oklahoma.

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