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Little Mule Manual Hoists

Little Mule strap pullers are ideal for Linemen.

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Little Mule Hoist – Hand Chain and Ratchet Lever Styles

Little Mule is known for providing compact and rugged hoists for your lifting needs. Little Mule hoists are the go to product line for line workers in the utility industry. TSOC is proud to offer Little Mule hoists in 1/2 Ton, 1 Ton, 2 Ton, and up to 50 Ton capacities.

Little Mule Lineman's Strap Lever Hoists

The Little Mule Lever Hoists are the go to hoist for line workers serving the utility industry. These lightweight and rugged manual hoists provide superior craftsmanship and are engineered for a long life. The Little Mule Lineman's Strap lever hoists are durable and portable, available with standard, hot stick, swivel gate or hot stick hook and gate-latch options.

  • Capacities ranging from 1/2 Ton to 1 Ton
  • Fiberglass handle and polyester webbing provide added nonconductive material for proper hot line handling techniques
  • All hooks swivel 360° with latches, hooks with gate latches can also be added
  • Open construction for easy cleaning and inspection
  • All manual Little Mule hoists tested at 125% of rated load
Ratcheting Lineman's Strap Hoist
Model No. Part No. SNG Line DBL Line
Std. Hooks
250A 04190W 1/2 9 1 4.25
300A 04141W 3/4 9 1-1/2 4.25
322B 04480W 3/4 14 1-1/2 7
344B 04490W 1 11 2 5.5
6000A 04181W - - 3 5
Hot Stick Ring Hooks
250DA 04191W 1/2 9.25 1 4.25
300DA 04142W 3/4 9.25 1-1/2 4.25
322DB† 04481W 3/4 14 1-1/2 7
344DB 04491W 1 11 2 5.5
6000DA† 04182W - - 3 5
Std. Hooks w/ HD Swivel Gate Latches
250CA 04192W 1/2 9 1 4.25
300CA 04143W 3/4 9 1-1/2 4.25
322CB† 04482W 3/4 14 1-1/2 7
344CB† 04492W 1 11 2 5.5
6000CA† 04183W - - 3 5
Hot Stick Ring Hooks
250DHA† 04193W 1/2 9.25 1 4.25
300DHA† 04144W 3/4 9.25 1-1/2 4.25
322DHB† 04483W 3/4 14 1-1/2 7
344DHB† 04493W 1 11 2 5.5
† Includes Hot Stick Rings on all hooks, control surfaces w/ quick disconnect shaft.

Little Mule LMHA Hand Chain Hoists

The Little Mule LMHA Hand Chain Hoist is ideal for construction jobs. The LMHA is designed to be portable and easy to inspect and maintain. Replaced by the Coffing LHH Hand Chain Hoist.

  • Capacities ranging from 1/2 Ton to 20 Ton
  • Standard lifts of 10, 15 and 20 feet
  • 360° swivel hooks with latches for positive load engagement
  • Designed for easy installation and portability
  • Dismantled easily with ordinary hand tools
  • Designed for easy maintenance and inspection
  • Tested at 125% of rated load
LMHA Manual Hoists
Model No. Cap.
Replaced By
LMHA-1000 1/2 LHH-1/2B
LMHA-2000 1 LHH-1B
LMHA-3000 1-1/2 LHH-11/2B
LMHA-4000 2 LHH-2B
LMHA-6000 3 LHH-3B
LMHA-10000 5 LHH-5B
LMHA-16000 8 LHH-8B-10
LMHA-20000 10 LHH-10B-10
LMHA-24000 12 LHH-12B-10
LMHA-30000 15 LHH-15B-10
LMHA-40000 20 LHH-20B-10
LMHA-50000 25 LHH-25B-10
LMHA-60000 30 LHH-30B-10
LMHA-80000 40 LHH-40B-10
LMHA-100000 50 LHH-50B-10

Little Mule Model LMR Ratchet Hoist

The Little Mule LMR Ratchet Hoist is engineered to be lightweight yet rugged. The LMR is the perfect lever hoist for confined spaces or when low handle effort is important. The LMR hoist has been replaced by the Coffing PA Hoist.

  • Capacities from 3/4 Ton to 3 Ton
  • Portable, compact design
  • Lowest handle effort in the Little Mule line
  • Provides versatile rigging options when used in confined spaces.
  • Quick and easy one handed take-up and positioning of slack chain
  • Hardened steel load chain provides high strength and resists wear. Alloy steel spur gearing is heat-treated for long life and is lifetime lubricated.
  • All units tested at 125% of rated load
LMR Manual Hoists
Model No. Cap.
Replaced By
LMR-1500 3/4 08460W
LMR-1510 3/4 08461W
LMR-1515 3/4 08462W
LMR-1520 3/4 08463W
LMR-2000 1 08465W
LMR-2010 1 08466W
LMR-2015 1 08467W
LMR-2020 1 08468W
LMR-3000 1-1/2 08470W
LMR-3010 1-1/2 08471W
LMR-3015 1-1/2 08472W
LMR-3020 1-1/2 08473W
LMR-6000 3 08475W
LMR-6010 3 08476W
LMR-6015 3 08477W
LMR-6020 3 08478W

TB-602 and TB-603 Handy Mini Lever Hoist

The TB-602 Lever Hoist and TB-603 Mini Ratchet Lever performs like a larger model, but is the most compact and comfortable hoist on the market. Replaced by the CM 602 and CM 603 Hoists.

  • Capacities 550 lbs. and 1,100 lbs.
  • Standard plated load chain
  • Weston-type load brake
  • Rubber hand grip
  • Standard forged upper and lower hooks with latches
  • Lightweight and portable design for use in confined spaces with one hand operation
  • Metric rated
Mini Lever Hoists
Model No. Replaced By
550 TB-602 CM 602
1,100 TB-603 CM 603

TSOC sells, stocks, repairs, and carries parts for the Little Mule Hoists; serving clients from coast to coast, Canada, Mexico and especially focused in the states of Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Arkansas, Mississippi, Nebraska, Tennessee, Kentucky, Iowa, and Oklahoma.

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