ENDO Snapback Protection Spring Balancer, Capacity 132.3 to 154.3 lbs, Stroke 5 ft, Model EWA-70

Manufacturer: ENDO
Manufacturer part number: XA-EWA-70
Lead Time: typically ships in 70-90 business days
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Products specifications
  • Manufacturer: ENDO
  • Model Number: EWA-70
  • Capacity Range: 132.3 to 154.3 lbs. (60.0 to 70.0 kg)
  • Cable Travel: 4.93 ft. (1.5 m)
  • Cable Diameter: 0.19 in. (4.76 mm)
  • Cable Material: Wire Rope (steel)
  • Unit Weight: 32.6 lbs. (14.8 kg)
  • Length (hook to hook I.D.): 16.9 to 76.0 in. (429 to 1930 mm)
  • Width: 8.7 in. (220 mm)
  • Depth: 7.4 in. (187 mm)
  • Color: Safety Yellow
  • High impact cast fully enclosed aluminum housing.
  • Top Hook: Aluminum forged swivel top hook with safety latch.
  • Bottom Hook: Steel bottom hook with safety latch and rubber buffer collar.
  • Secondary Support: Includes top and bottom support eyelets to accommodate safety chains.
  • Snapback Protection: In the unlikely event the suspension cable is cut or if the suspended tool breaks away, the tapered drum in the balancer engages a centrifugal brake. This prevents the cable from snapping back up into the balancer preventing worker injury and damage to equipment. The approximate distance the severed cable will travel before the drum brake engages is 3.9 inches (100 mm) or less.
  • Drum Lock Mechanism: Available to lock the drum while replacing a tool.
  • Fall-Arrest Device: Prevents tool from dropping in the unlikely event the spring breaks.
  • Gauge: Front-facing spring tension gauge for easy operator indication and adjustment with respect to the suspended mass.
  • Cartridge Spring Assembly: Provides safe and easy spring replacement.
  • Plug Type Cable Set: Easy cable replacement without dismantling the balancer.
  • Endo spring tool balancers offer true zero gravity, with no drifting or strain.
  • Tapered drum, quality springs, and bearings provide smooth cable travel throughout the stroke.
  • CE mark available (European Conformity)
  • Worm Gear Spring Tension Adjustment: Insert socket wrench in the back of the unit and turn clockwise to increase tension and counterclockwise to decrease tension (factory preset to the midrange of the rated capacity).
  • How to Choose the Right Spring Balancer: Size the balancer to carry the total weight to be balanced - tool plus all accessories. Use the upper end of the capacity range of the balancer when possible. (For example, if the total tool weight is 10.5 pounds a balancer that has a capacity range of 5.5-11.0 pounds would be a better choice than a balancer with a range of 9.9-19.8 pounds. Then choose the cable travel that best suits your application.
Warranty18-Month Manufacturer's Warranty. (Manufacturer's warranty does not include on-site repairs. Items will need to be shipped with pre-paid freight to TSOC's repair facility.)
Country of OriginJapan
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