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We are Overhead Crane and Hoist experts servicing the industry since 1959. We have invested in our facility and equipment to support our customers. We design your crane in-house. We fabricate your crane at our facility. We provide parts support. Our experienced Service Technicians and Installers are TSOC employees. We offer excellent customer service and stand by our cranes and products. We manufacture and specialize in overhead bridge cranes. We work with manufacturers as a master distributor of: chain hoists, jib cranes, gantry cranes, hoists, crane controls and other material handling products.

TSOC Product Directory

Overhead Cranes

  • Electric Chain Hoists - Various chain hoist options in a range of capacities from the industries' top names.
  • Wire Rope Hoists - Hoists specifically designed for true vertical lift applications of heavy loads.
  • Manual Chain Hoists - Economical manual hand chain and lever hoists for various applications.
  • Air Chain Hoists - Self cooling, heavy duty pneumatic hoists built to efficiently and gently lift loads.
  • Overhead Hoist Videos - See detailed videos on operating specific hoists, their specifications, and features.

Jib Cranes
  • Foundationless Jib Cranes - Free standing jib cranes without the need for foundation while providing 360 degree coverage.
  • Work Station Jib Cranes - Wall/column mounted or free standing work station cranes with enclosed track steel truss design.
  • Light Duty Jib Cranes - Light load capacity jib cranes ideal for hanging industrial power tools.
  • Articulating Jib Cranes - Free standing, ceiling, or wall mounted jib cranes designed for moving loads around corners and near close objects.
  • I-Beam Jib Cranes - The original heavy-duty jib crane available in free standing, wall bracket, wall cantilever, and mast mounted designs.
  • Pivot Pro Articulating Jib Crane - Specifically designed jib cranes for vacuum tube lifters or pneumatic lifting applications.
  • Wall or Column Mounted Jib Cranes - Ideal for complementary use with overhead cranes to maximize floor space.
  • Portable Jib Cranes - Portable, versatile jib cranes designed to be moved to multiple locations within a facility while saving floor space.

Gantry Cranes

Crane Controls/Modernization
  • Crane Modernization - Upgrade an outdated overhead crane with modern structural components, crane modifications, controls, and more.
  • Radio Remote Controls - Convenient radio remote controls for wireless handheld use with cranes, industrial equipment, and more.
  • Duct-O-Wire Pushbutton Stations - L-Series and RPB-Series Duct-O-Wire pushbutton stations to control overhead cranes.
  • SBP2 and SBN Pendants - Reliable, ergonomic pushbutton stations with low depression button requirement to overcome the spring force.
  • Variable Frequency Drives - Affordable VFD's featuring energy saving and increased production benefits for crane control upgrades.
  • Conductix Pushbutton Stations - Available in 80, 60, or 20 series stations with either pistol-grip or standard enclosure designs.
  • Collision Avoidance Systems - Protect bridge cranes, workers, and other objects from collision using infrared sensors or lasers to detect distance.
  • LED Crane Safety Lights - Crane safety lights to illuminate your danger zones or spotting control.
  • Intelli-Connect Crane Diagnostic Tool - An automated diagnostic and analytic tool that enables easy programming, maintenance, monitoring, and troubleshooting of overhead hoists and cranes.

Lifting Devices
  • Hoist Mounted Pallet Lifter - Turn a hoist into an aerial mounted fork lift with several pallet lifter options available in a range of capacities.
  • C Hook Steel Coil Grab - An efficient and easy device for lifting steel coils, available in capacities from 1/2 Ton to 50 Ton.
  • Forklift Jib Boom Attachment - Jib boom attachments turn forklifts into portable cranes to meet the demands of your application.
  • Lifting Tongs Round Bar/Pipe - Bar or pipe lifting tongs available in either fixed or adjustable designs for various diameters and materials.
  • Lifting Spreader Beams/Bars - Designed to turn crane hooks into a multiple point lifting tool, offered in Short Span, Standard Duty, and more.
  • Sheet Lifters - Perfect for lifting bundles, sheets, and plates of different sizes and materials.
  • Spring Balancers - A zero-gravity balancer for suspending tools, parts, and equipment that will create an ideal ergonomic work station.

Parts and Service
  • Crane and Hoist Inspections - We provide expert OSHA compliant crane inspections to ensure equipment is up to standards.
  • Overhead Crane Maintenance - Mechanical and electrical maintenance for your overhead cranes & hoists. Contact TSOC to schedule routine, preventive, and corrective maintenance services.
  • Crane and Hoist Repair - Our factory authorized service technicians are trained in every major hoist brand and provide crane repair services.
  • CMAA Overhead Crane Training - Comprehensive CMAA based operator training for overhead cranes by our senior crane technicians.
  • Crane and Hoist Parts - We offer overhead crane and hoist parts from many of the top industry brands. Is your part no longer available? We can help find a replacement or alternative solution.
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