25-ton and 10-ton Hoists for Cranes 25-ton and 10-ton Hoists for Cranes 25-ton and 10-ton Hoists for Cranes

Hoists for Overhead Cranes

Our hoists can be custom configured for your application!

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Overhead Hoists - 1/4 Ton to 100 Ton Capacity Manufactured and Distributed by TSOC

Hoists are commonly used in manufacturing facilities to lift items or objects that are too heavy or awkward to lift by hand. Hoists can be powered by air, electric, or manually pulling. TSOC can recommended the style of hoist you need based on environment, speed required, capacity needed and accessible power sources.

Electric Chain Hoist

TSOC stocks several brands of electric chain hoists from CM, Coffing, Budgit, Yale, Harrington, and Demag. Typically ranging in capacity from 1/4 Ton to 5 Tons, these electric powered hoists are ideal for manufacturing and industrial facilities.

Air Chain Hoist

TSOC represents several brands of air chain hoists from CM, Harrington, IR, JDN and Hadef. Air hoists range in capacity from 1/8 Ton to 100 Ton and are ideal for harsh environment applications. Some examples would be mines, power plants, cement plants, refineries and offshore drilling platforms.

Wire Rope Hoist

When getting into a higher capacity, this style of hoist is your best bet. They are ideal for very fast lifting speeds, true vertical lift applications, and high cycle (H5 Duty rating) applications. These hoist range in capacity from 1 Ton to 100 Ton.

Manual Chain Hoist

Hand chain hoists and lever hoists are the two styles of manual chain hoists that TSOC offers. These are perfect for low duty cycle applications. Another feature that makes these a good solutions is their ability to be portable. Capacities typically range from 1/8 Ton to 5 Ton, but we do offer some heavier capacities up to 25 Ton.

Specialty Hoist

TSOC Offers a wide range of custom hoists that meet very specific applications that include; cleanroom applications, entertainment hoists, explosion proof applications and food grade applications.

TSOC distributes overhead hoists; serving clients from coast to coast, Canada, Mexico and especially focused in the states of Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Arkansas, Mississippi, Nebraska, Tennessee, Kentucky, Iowa, and Oklahoma.

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