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Pneumatic Chain Hoists

TSOC has the largest line of pneumatic chain hoists available!

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Air Chain Hoist

TSOC represents several brands of air chain hoists from CM, Harrington, IR, JDN and Hadef. Air hoists range in capacity from 1/8 Ton to 100 Ton and are ideal for harsh environment applications. Some examples would be mines, power plants, cement plants, refineries and offshore drilling platforms.

CM Air Hoist
CM Air Hoist

Columbus McKinnon (CM) has over a century of experience designing products such as the Lodestar pneumatic chain hoist to provide solutions for industrial manufacturing and construction. TSOC offers a full line of pneumatic chain hoists for small capacity jobs to heavy duty manufacturing. CM is the industry standard and made in the U.S.A.

Budgit Air Chain Hoist
Budgit Air Chain Hoist

TSOC carries Budgit pneumatic chain hoists for jobs of every size. From 1/4 Ton to 1 Ton capacities, TSOC has a Budgit Air Chain hoist to meet all your needs.

JD Neuhaus Pneumatic Hoist
JD Neuhaus Pneumatic Hoist

J.D. Neuhaus (JDN) has been manufacturing lifting equipment for over 260 years. Manufactured in Germany, JDN hoists provide solutions for almost any material handling problem, including jobs where safety and security are a priority due to extreme situations. JDN pneumatic hoists range in capacities from 550 lbs to 100 Ton.

Harrington Air Hoist
Harrington Air Hoist

Harrington Hoists is recognized as an innovator and market leader in the hoist and crane industry. Harrington Hoists manufactures revolutionary manual, electric, and pneumatic chain hoists, wire rope hoists and crane products. TSOC carries a full line of Harrington Hoist world class products.

Chester Air Hoists
Chester Air Hoists

Chester air chian hoists are ideal for many hazardous locations, offshore facilities, refineries, and other corrosive environments. Capacities range from 1-ton to 24-tons and models are available in ultra-low headroom configurations.

IR ARO Pneumatic Hoist
IR ARO Pneumatic Hoist

Ingersoll Rand (IR) has been manufacturing lifting solutions since the early 1900's. Air hoists range in capacity from 1/8 Ton-100 Ton. IR offers one of the broadest ranges of pneumatic hoists in the world to take on all of your tough applications. TSOC carries a full line of IR pneumatic chain hoists, including the CLK series of hoists.

HADEF Pneumatic Chain Hoist
HADEF Pneumatic Chain Hoist

HADEF uses state-of-the-art technology to produce high quality products manufactured in Germany. Products range from hoists to cranes handling load capacities from 275 lbs to 50 Ton. HADEF pneumatic chain hoists can be configured with low or ultralow headroom as well as compact design. TSOC is proud to be the sole US distributor of HADEF air chain hoists.

Case Study: Ultra Low Headroom Air Hoist

TSOC installed an Elephant spark resistant hoist that only took up 5.63 inches. This left the customer with nearly 1-1/2" of spare headroom. They were able to move the product as required under very tight tolerances.

Wire Rope Hoists
Wire Rope Hoists

When getting into a higher capacity, this style of hoist is your best bet. They are ideal for very fast lifting speeds, true vertical lift applications, and high cycle (H5 Duty rating) applications. These hoist range in capacity from 1 Ton to 100 Ton.

A few reasons to pick a pneumatic chain hoist

  • 100% on time - Air motors are self cooling, and thus are suitable for an unlimited number of motor starts - requirement for heavy duty applications.
  • Explosive environment - there is no electrical arcing hazard to cause explosions in areas such as petrochemical facilities or paint booths. In addition to electrical arcing, friction sparks can also be of concern. TSOC can add spark-resistant protection including stainless steel hook latches, stainless steel chain modified load sprocket, bronze hooks, guide and stainless or anodized lower blocks. Keep in mind that stainless chain is not as durable or strong as standard chain, so care should be taken when applying stainless chain to a high duty cycle.
  • High ambient temperature - Because the motor is self cooling, the air operated chain hoist can function in high ambient temperature environments.
  • Spotting Control - Unless an electric hoist is purchased with variable frequency control, it will not have as accurate spotting control as a pneumatic hoist. An electric hoist will normally have an initial "jerk" when picking up a load, so a pneumatic hoist will typically lift the load more gently.
  • Lift Speed - pneumatic hoists generally lift loads at a faster rate of speed than an electric hoist.
Pneumatic hoists are ideally suited for the following industries:
Aircraft industry Paper Industry
Automotive industry Refineries
Cement Industry Vacuum Technology
Chemical Plants Atomic and Coal power stations
Crane Manufacturing Glass/Ceramics
Dairies Installations
Galvanization Sawmills
Large Kitchens Mining
Machine Shops Foundries
Maintenance shops Food Industry
Pharmaceutical Industry Oil storage
Printing Industry Shipyards and ship building
Rigging crews Super sack handling
Spray Booths Leather plants
Pneumatic Hoists vs. Electric Hoists
Air motor is self cooling Motor can overheat and cut off
Air motor will stall when overloaded Electric motor can burn up when overloaded
Can be higher maintenance because of air system N/A
Can be operated outdoors or in contaminated environments NEMA 1 standard
Change speeds with regulator Change speeds only with gear and/or motor change
Continuous duty 30-minute motors
Explosion proof at lower cost N/A
Fewer parts make hoist easier to repair More parts required can be difficult to repair
Higher duty cycle Limited to H3 or H4 service
Higher speeds Slower speeds from 8-64 fpm
More expensive to operate Cheaper to operate
Must have air available Single or three phase power is readily available
Needs lubrication N/A
Pendant or pull cord available Pendant only
Required by some industries N/A
Suitable for hazardous locations Non-hazardous locations only
Variable speeds (standard) 1 or 2 speeds (standard)

TSOC distributes Pneumatic Chain Hoists; serving clients from coast to coast, Canada, Mexico and especially focused in the states of Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Arkansas, Mississippi, Nebraska, Tennessee, Kentucky, Iowa, and Oklahoma.

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