Below the Hook Lifting Devices Below the Hook Lifting Devices Below the Hook Lifting Devices

Below the Hook Lifting Devices

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Below the Hook Lifting Devices and Industrial Lifting Equipment

Below the hook lifting devices are becoming increasingly popular in the industrial and manufacturing fields. They are valuable tools that can help you perform your lifting tasks safely and efficiently. They often have a unique design that allows them to be used to handle loads of different shapes, sizes, weights, and characteristics. And they can utilize specialized cranes, hooks, and other types of industrial equipment to ensure the safe and efficient handling of large loads. Below the hook lifting devices and industrial lifting equipment are ideal for many different industries and can range in capacity from 20 pounds for repetitive lifting applications to over 100 tons for parts picked by large overhead cranes.

Why Choose Tri-State Overhead Crane for Your Lifting Equipment?

Tri-State Overhead Crane and Hoist is a leader in the design and manufacturing of below the hook lifting devices and industrial lifting equipment. We have over 60 years of experience in the material handling industry and thousands of devices in operation across different sectors, including Aluminum, Steel, Paper, Railroad, Defense, Automobile, Aerospace, Medical/Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, Semiconductors, and Chemical. So whether a large mill duty lifting device or a smaller ergonomic lift assist, TSOC has the expertise to handle lifting devices of any size and capacity. We can even develop custom solutions as well, like this .

Heavy Duty Lifting Equipment Designed to ASME Standards

C-Hooks - Custom designed for customer's coil handling applications.

Coil Grabs - Custom engineered lifter for coil handling applications with a variety of available options.

Spreader Beams - Designed for longer loads such as cylinders, machinery, beams utilizing single or multiple attachment points.

Plate and Sheet Lifter - Provided in either manual or motorized for your plate or sheet material.

Lifting Tongs - Designed to grip and lift a wide variety of shapes and sizes of products. These can be provided as either mechanical or motorized.

Crane Pallet Lifters - Many different configurations of pallet lifters for cranes available, tailored to your specific pallet handling application.

Motorized Rotating Crane Hooks - Custom designed replacement bottom blocks for motorized or non-motorized applications.

Benefits of Below the Hook Lifting Devices

Below the hook lifting devices provide a variety of benefits that make them a valuable asset to any business or factory. They can improve the safety, efficiency, and productivity of lifting operations by providing a secure and stable grip on the load, reducing the risk of damage or injury. By choosing the right device for your application and following proper procedures, you can enjoy the benefits of these versatile attachments.

As an overhead crane and runway manufacturer, we understand the benefits of having the correct tool for your particular job. When assessing your material handling application, our experts utilize their years of experience to come up with the right solution for your workers, whether you’re handling raw material or a completed product. And because we are also a manufacturer of custom lift assists, we can provide a unique one-of-a-kind solution or a standard "off-the-shelf" tool, depending on your application requirements. All crane lifters are designed to ASME Specifications B30.20 and BTH-1, Below the Hook Lifting Devices.

Ergonomic Lifting Equipment

TSOC manufactures different ergonomic lifting equipment, such as:

  • Vacuum Gripping Devices - Vacuum lifters can be used in numerous applications and on a variety of products, including boxes and cartons, bags, sheets and panels, pails and drums, and coils and rolls.
  • Pneumatic and Mechanical Lift Assists - When a positive grip is needed we can design a tool to pick, manipulate and place your part.
  • Magnetic Lifting Devices - Utilized for lifting and holding these can handle from small pieces to large plates and blocks.
  • Lift Tables - Standard and custom tables built to customer’s specifications.
  • Portable Lifting Devices - Mobile lifts for a variety of products including drums, rolls, and a variety of other products.
  • Manipulator Arms - Rigid Arm lift assist for reach-in applications.
  • Spring Balancers - For tools, parts, machines, and equipment.
  • Upenders and Inverters - Standard and custom designed and built to change the orientation of the customer's product.

TSOC has the experience and engineering to design and manufacture your next below the hook lifting device. We serve clients from coast to coast, Canada, Mexico and are especially focused in Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Nebraska, Arkansas, Mississippi, Tennessee, Kentucky, South Carolina, Florida, and Oklahoma.

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