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50-Ton Overhead Bridge Cranes

TSOC designs, manufactures, and installs double girder cranes.

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50 Ton Overhead Crane Examples

50 Ton Crane for Product Testing at Coatings Manufacturer

Manufacturers include: R&M, Magnetek, Duct-O-Wire

  • 50-Ton Capacity.
  • Top Riding, Double Girder Bridge Crane.
  • 47 ft. - 8 in. Span.
  • Class in.C in., Indoor Usage.
  • Dual 25-Ton Hoists with Simultaneous and Independent Control.
  • R&M SX Double Girder Wire Rope Hoists.
  • Magnetek Flex Ex Radio Remote Control with Back-up Festooned Push Button Station.
  • VFD Control on Hoists, Trolley and Bridge.
  • No-Fly Zone - limit switches used to create specific zones where bridge and trolley are only allowed to travel at predetermined slow speed.
  • 50-Ton Capacity Runway.
  • 81 ft. - 0 in. Long.
  • Independent Columns with Tiebacks to Building.
  • 250-Amp Duct-O-WIre Conductor Bar Runway Electrification.

Tri-State Overhead Crane is your reliable overhead bridge crane manufacturer. TSOC distributes and manufactures 50 Ton cranes; serving clients from coast to coast, Canada, Mexico and especially focused in Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Nebraska, Arkansas, Mississippi, Tennessee, Kentucky, South Carolina, Florida, and Oklahoma.

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