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Demag Electric Chain Hoists

Outstanding performance, reliability, highly cost-effective.


Demag Electric Chain Hoist - DC-COM & DC-PRO

Demag's North American operations are based in Cleveland, OH. Their product philosophy is based on a proven, modular system approach. Modular components, which are compatible with one another, are combined in various ways to meet individual requirements and to form material handling equipment and machinery that function at the highest levels of efficiency. Components are manufactured to high quality standards using the latest techniques and processes, including continuous tests and checks throughout the manufacturing process. Each Demag overhead crane hoist meets or exceeds national regulations or standards.

Demag DC-COM
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The Demag DC-Com electric chain hoist is simple to use and highly reliable, designed for your everyday needs. Features include: capacities ranging from 275 lbs - 4,400 lbs, two-speed standard 32/8 fpm (275 lbs), 16/8 fpm (550 lbs - 1,100 lbs) or 16/4 fpm (2,200 lbs - 4,400 lbs), suspension eye, plain push trolley, or motorized trolley, chain container standard, pushbutton drop of 4 feet less than lift, 24 volt control, upper and lower limit switches, and IP 55 rating for outdoor use.

Demag DC-PRO
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The Demag DC-Pro electric chain hoist is extremely versatile and full of features that are optional on other hoists. Features include: capacities ranging from 275 lbs to 11,000 lbs, a rated service life of 1,900 full load hours (approx. 20% longer service life), maintenance free brake for up to 10 years, integrated slip clutch monitoring to help prevent permanent damage, and a chain drive designed to be replaced without disassembling motor or gearbox parts to help avoid long downtimes for maintenance.

DCM-PRO Manulift
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General features of the DCM Manulift hoist include: two-speed operation standard, Uper and lower limit switches, standard 9 ft and 14 ft lift, plug and socket connections, slip clutch monitoring, regenerative braking, 24V contactor control, gearbox lubricated for life, IP55 rated (for full outdoor duty see options), in-line ergonomic handle with quick disconnect hook attachments, maintenance access panel, chain container included, and manual trolley options.

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TSOC distributes Demag Electric Chain Hoists; serving clients from coast to coast, Canada, Mexico and especially focused in Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Nebraska, Arkansas, Mississippi, Tennessee, Kentucky, South Carolina, Florida, and Oklahoma.

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