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Jib Cranes for Light Loads

Available in 50 or 150 pound capacities.

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Light Duty Jib Cranes

Our 50 and 150 pound capacity jib cranes are the perfect solution when you need to suspend a light load. They are ideal for hanging or balancing industrial power tools such as grinders, saws, sanders, impact wrenches, welders, and pneumatic tools. Every light duty jib crane includes the enclosed track trolley. The steel track is an enclosed C-type with 2-degrees of taper to keep the trolley centered and prevents dirt and other sediment from settling on the running surfacec. The trolley, features the same 2-degrees of taper on the wheels. The track and trolley design, allows smooth, non-binding, effortless movement.

Zero-Gravity Applications:

Pairing these light duty jib cranes with our line of Spring Balancers allows the suspended part or tool to become weightless. This zero-gravity setup allows the operator the freedom from worker injury and improves worker performance and productivity.

Gorbel TSJ50: 50 Pound Capacity Jib Cranes

The TSJ50 is a low profile, tie-rod style -enclosed track, high performance steel crane that comes either wall mounted or freestanding. With its lightweight design and 13-inch bracket centers the wall mounted jib is ideal for low headroom applications where floor space is at a premium. The freestanding model is a 4-bolt foundationless design with a slim 4-inch mast for a super small footprint. The boom has 180 degrees of rotation and can be adjusted at any height along the mast which allows for the perfect work space setup.

Free Standing 50-pound Capacity
(custom spans and heights are available)
Capacity Height Under Boom Span Model No.
50 lbs. 8 ft. 4 ft. TSJ50-FS-50-8-4
50 lbs. 8 ft. 6 ft. TSJ50-FS-50-8-6
50 lbs. 8 ft. 8 ft. TSJ50-FS-50-8-8
50 lbs. 8 ft. 10 ft. TSJ50-FS-50-8-10
50 lbs. 10 ft. 4 ft. TSJ50-FS-50-10-4
50 lbs. 10 ft. 6 ft. TSJ50-FS-50-10-6
50 lbs. 10 ft. 8 ft. TSJ50-FS-50-10-8
50 lbs. 10 ft. 10 ft. TSJ50-FS-50-10-10
Wall Mounted 50-pound Capacity
(custom spans are available)
Capacity Span Model No.
50 lbs. 4 ft. TSJ50-WM-50-4
50 lbs. 6 ft. TSJ50-WM-50-6
50 lbs. 8 ft. TSJ50-WM-50-8
50 lbs. 10 ft. TSJ50-WM-50-10

Gorbel TSJ150: 150 Pound Capacity Jibs

The TSJ150 has 150-pound capacity, and comes in both free standing and wall mounted types. These steel jibs use the same 250 series enclosed track, 14-inch bracket centers, 200-degree rotation and have the same 4-bolt foundationless footprint. All of these features make these cranes ideal for work areas with limited headroom and floor space. These jibs also include the enclosed track trolley for super smooth travel down the boom's span.

One feature only available on the TSJ150 is a portable base! The base platform is designed to allow the jib crane to be lifted with a forklift and transported to multiple locations. The base comes with anchor bolts, built-in adjustable leveling feet, and has fork pockets. Fork pocket dimensions are 7-1/4" inside width, 3-1/2" inside depth, and 20-1/2" from centerline to centerline. Height from floor to bottom of plate is 4" min. / 6" max.

Free Standing 150-pound Capacity
(custom spans and heights are available)
Capacity Height Under Boom Span Model No.
150 lbs. 8 ft. 4 ft. TSJ150-FS-150-8-4
150 lbs. 8 ft. 6 ft. TSJ150-FS-150-8-6
150 lbs. 8 ft. 8 ft. TSJ150-FS-150-8-8
150 lbs. 8 ft. 10 ft. TSJ150-FS-150-8-10
150 lbs. 8 ft. 12 ft. TSJ150-FS-150-8-12
150 lbs. 10 ft. 4 ft. TSJ150-FS-150-10-4
150 lbs. 10 ft. 6 ft. TSJ150-FS-150-10-6
150 lbs. 10 ft. 8 ft. TSJ150-FS-150-10-8
150 lbs. 10 ft. 10 ft. TSJ150-FS-150-10-10
150 lbs. 10 ft. 12 ft. TSJ150-FS-150-10-12
Wall Mounted 150-pound Capacity
(custom spans are available)
Capacity Span Model No.
150 lbs. 4 ft. TSJ150-WM-150-4
150 lbs. 6 ft. TSJ510-WM-150-6
150 lbs. 8 ft. TSJ150-WM-150-8
150 lbs. 10 ft. TSJ150-WM-150-10
150 lbs. 12 ft. TSJ150-WM-150-12

TSJ Options and Design Standards:

  • Festoon Clamps: (used to lock festoon conductor -flat cable or air hose into position)
  • 3-inch or 6-inch Festoon Saddles: (for applications that require several cables and/or hoses)
  • Adjustable Bumpers: (used for stopping the travel of a hoist trolley)
  • Festoon Conductor: Choose between -Flat Cable, Round Cable (4 conductor), 3/8" I.D. air hose or 1/2" I.D. air hose
  • Rotation Lock: (50-pound capacity jibs only)
  • Festoon Trolleys: (intended for festooning of electrical cable and air hose.)
  • Color: Safety Blue (standard) or Safety Yellow (extra touch-Up paint is available)
  • Vacuum Hose Festoon Clamp: (specifically used for clamping vacuum hose in place; includes extra snap ring and velcro loop for securing vacuum hose in place.)

All Gorbel Jib Cranes are structurally designed in accordance with the AISC Steel Construction Manual. All Gorbel Jib Cranes are in accordance with OSHA Specification 1910.179 and ANSI Specification B30.11, as they apply to Jib Cranes. All Gorbel Jib Cranes meet or exceed the requirements of MMA MH27.2 specification for enclosed track systems. All Jib Cranes are in accordance with the following Canadian Standards as they apply to Overhead Cranes: CSA Standard B167-96 and CSA Standard C22.2 No.33-M1984 (reaffirmed 2004). All Gorbel Jib and Work Station Cranes have a design factor of 15% of the allowable capacity for hoist weight and 25% of the allowable capacity for impact.

TSOC distributes Gorbel Tool Solutions Light Duty Jib Cranes; serving clients from coast to coast, Canada, Mexico and especially focused in the states of Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Arkansas, Mississippi, Nebraska, Tennessee, Kentucky, Iowa, and Oklahoma.

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