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Harrington Pneumatic Chain Hoists

Durable and easily repairable.

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Harrington Air Hoist

AH Air Chain Hoist

The AH Mini Cat air chain hoists weighs only 12 pounds, but there is nothing small about its performance. The compact size makes it perfect for assembly lines, workstations and on-site jobs.

  • Capacities ranging from 250 lb. to 500 lb.
  • Available in pendant, cord and manipulator control
  • Unlimited duty cycle
  • High speed lifting
  • Very fine feathering control
  • Low noise for operator comfort
  • AH Mini-Cat Series - Cord and Pendant Control
Harrington AH Hoist
Part No. Lift Speed
250 AH250C 47 19
250 AH250P 47 19
500 AH500C 32 19
500 AH500P 32 19

AL Lube Free/Spark Resistant Air Chain Hoist

The Harrington AL hoists are certified spark resistant and are suitable when a clean environment is necessary.

  • Capacities range from 1/4 Ton to 5 Ton
  • Can operate completely dry which is perfect for food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries
  • Available in pendant, cord or twist rod control
  • Heave duty disc brake
  • Plated and blue-chromate steel load chain
  • Can operate with oil for longer vane life
Harrington AL Hoist
Part No. Lift Speed
1/4 AL003C 61 39
1/4 AL003P 61 39
1/2 AL005C 41 39
1/2 AL005P 41 39
1 AL010C2 21 55
1 AL010P2 21 55
3 AL030C 10 123
3 AL030P 10 123
5 AL050C2 5.2 234
5 AL050P2 5.2 234

AW Lube Free/Spark Resistant, Wash Down Pneumatic Chain Hoist

The AW Series Certified Wash Down and Spark Resistant Pneumatic Hoists are designed for use in humid, limited corrosive or outdoor environments and where equipment must be washed or hosed off on a regular basis. These industrial, extreme-duty rated hoists are certified spark resistant (explosive atmospheres that require features that reduce the risk of spark) to level ll 2GD c T5 llB T100°C and are in compliance with the EU ATEX Directive. AW Wash Down Pneumatic Hoists were built based on the AL Lube Free air hoists and therefore they are suitable for operation with or without lubrication in the air supply.

  • Available in 1/2 and 1 Ton capacities
  • Unpainted aluminum body
  • Stainless steel and electro-plated external components
  • Gear box and chain lubricants comply with FDA standards
  • Heavy-duty, self-adjusting, patented disk brake
  • Bearing supported planetary gearing system
  • Upper and lower limit switches
Part No. Lift
Up/Down Speed
1/2 AW005P 10 41 / 72
1 AW010P2 10 21 / 36
Part No. Lift
Up/Down Speed
1/2 AW005C 10 41 / 72
1 AW010C2 10 21 / 36

Harrington Air Chain Hoist Documents

TSOC distributes Harrington Air Powered Chain Hoists; serving clients from coast to coast, Canada, Mexico and especially focused in the states of Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Arkansas, Mississippi, Nebraska, Tennessee, Kentucky, Iowa, and Oklahoma.

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