Coffing Electric Chain Hoists Coffing Electric Chain Hoists Coffing Electric Chain Hoists

Coffing Electric Chain Hoists

Rugged construction and high H4 duty cycle.


Coffing JLC & EC Electric Chain Hoist

Coffing Hoist has been manufacturing industrial rigging equipment for over 50 years. Based in the U.S.A., Coffing Chain Hoists are known for their quality products and excellent customer service. The Coffing line of electric chain hoists includes a wide variety of speeds and lifting capacities at a value price. Coffing also offers one of the best warranties in the industry: All JFC Coffing electric chain hoists are thoroughly inspected and tested prior to shipment from the factory. Should any problem develop, return the complete hoist prepaid to your nearest Coffing Hoists Authorized Warranty Repair Station. If inspection reveals that the problem is caused by defective workmanship or material, repairs will be made without charge and the hoist will be returned, transportation prepaid.

Coffing JLC Electric Hoist
Buy Coffing JLC Electric Hoist

The JLC Coffing electric chain hoist has an increased chain and sheave engagement giving you smoother lifting and less chain wear. Features include: capacities from 1/8 Ton to 2 Ton, standard lifts of 10, 15, & 20 feet, H4 Duty rating for your toughest jobs, and Lifetime Warranty.

Coffing EC Hoist
Coffing EC Hoist

The Coffing EC Chain Hoist is designed for heavy duty industrial jobs while never sacrificing safety. Features include: capacities from 1/4 Ton to 5 Ton, single or three phase models available, mechanical load brake, motor brake, & overload clutch included.

Coffing EC Trolley Hoist
Coffing EC Trolley Hoist

The Coffing ECT motorized trolley has all of basic EC models fuctionality with added flexibility and faster positioning of hoist and load over longer distances. 35 or 75 FPM trolley speeds are standard with optional speeds of 18, 24, 50, 100, and 150 FPM

Coffing EC Chain Hoist

EC Electric Hoists
Capacity (tons) Model No. Voltage Lift Spd. (fpm)
1/4 EC/T/MT0516 1-PH 16
1/4 EC/T/MT0516 3-PH 16
1/4 EC/T/MT0532 1-PH 32
1/4 EC/T/MT0532 3-PH 32
1/4 EC/T/MT0564 1-PH 64
1/4 EC/T/MT0564 3-PH 64
1/2 EC/T/MT1009 1-PH 9
1/2 EC/T/MT1009 3-PH 9
1/2 EC/T/MT1016 1-PH 16
1/2 EC/T/MT1016 3-PH 16
1/2 EC/T/MT1032 1-PH 32
1/2 EC/T/MT1032 3-PH 32
1 EC/T/MT2004 1-PH 4
1 EC/T/MT2004 3-PH 4
1 EC/T/MT2008 1-PH 8
1 EC/T/MT2008 3-PH 8
1 EC/T/MT2012 1-PH 12
1 EC/T/MT2012 3-PH 12
1 EC/T/MT2016 1-PH 16
1 EC/T/MT2016 3-PH 16
1 EC/T/MT2032 3-PH 32
1 EC/T/MT2048 3-PH 48
2 EC/T/MT4006 1-PH 6
2 EC/T/MT4006 3-PH 6
2 EC/T/MT4008 1-PH 8
2 EC/T/MT4008 3-PH 8
2 EC/T/MT4016 3-PH 16
2 EC/T/MT4024 3-PH 24
3 EC/T/MT6005 1-PH 5
3 EC/T/MT6005 3-PH 5
3 EC/T/MT6010 1-PH 10
3 EC/T/MT6010 3-PH 10
3 EC/T/MT6016 1-PH 16
3 EC/T/MT6016 3-PH 16
4 EC/T/MT8008 1-PH 8
4 EC/T/MT8008 3-PH 8
4 EC/T/MT8012 1-PH 12
4 EC/T/MT8012 3-PH 12
5 EC/T/MT10005 1-PH 5
5 EC/T/MT10005 3-PH 5
5 EC/T/MT10008 1-PH 8
5 EC/T/MT10008 3-PH 8
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Coffing Electric Chain Hoist Documents

TSOC distributes Coffing Electric Chain Hoists; serving clients from coast to coast, Canada, Mexico and especially focused in the states of Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Arkansas, Mississippi, Nebraska, Tennessee, Kentucky, Iowa, and Oklahoma.

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