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Yale Wire Rope Hoists

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Yale Wire Rope Hoists

Tri-State Overhead Crane is a highly trusted Yale wire rope hoist distributor and Yale hoist parts. Yale is well-known for their market-leading technology that goes into their YK, Cable King and LodeKing as well as their high safety and performance ratings.

Yale YK

The Yale YK is an easy-to-maintain and very customizable wire rope hoist that is designed with your safety in mind and is reliable, efficient and has a long service life. The YK wire rope hoist is available in a wide range of capacities, lifts and configurations It also has a low-headroom trolley when your space is limited. Features of the YK Wire Rope Hoist:

  • Broad range of lifts up to 131 feet and capacities for Monorail units up to 30 tons and up to 50 tons for top-running, double girder units.
  • Variable configurations in 5 frame sizes and 16 load capacities.
  • Compact U-shape design on low-headroom monorail units ideal when space is limited.
  • Low maintenance and reliable performance.
  • Top industry safety features including paddle limit switch, adjustable geared limit switch, motor temperature control and overload protection.
  • Controlled starts and stops for extended brake life with exceptionally smooth operation.
  • Available with H3, H4, and H4+ duty cycles.
  • Industry standards compliant.
YK Series Monorail Hoist and Trolley
Part No. Capacity Lift Lift Spd.
C45585711YK 5-tons 33 ft. 20/3.3 fpm
C45585712YK 3-tons 20 ft. 20/5 fpm
C45585811YK 3-tons 40 ft. 20/5 fpm
C45585812YK 5-tons 25 ft. 20/5 fpm
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YK Series 2 Part Reeved Monorail Hoist and Trolley
Part No. Capacity Lift Lift Spd.
YKA-L01-039S239-2 1-ton 39 ft. 39/6.6 fpm
YKA-L01-066S239-2 1-ton 66 ft. 39/6.6 fpm
YKB-L02-040S231-2 2-tons 40 ft. 31/5.2 fpm
YKB-L02-066S231-2 2-tons 66 ft. 31/5.2 fpm
YKB-L02-040S239-2 2.75-tons 40 ft. 39/6.6 fpm
YKB-L02-066S239-2 2.75-tons 66 ft. 39/6.6 fpm
YKB-L02-131S239-2 2.75-tons 131 ft. 39/6.6 fpm
YKB-L03-040S231-2 3-tons 40 ft. 31/5.2 fpm
YKB-L03-066S231-2 3-tons 66 ft. 31/5.2 fpm
YKC-L03-040S239-2 3-tons 40 ft. 39/6.6 fpm
YKC-L03-066S239-2 3-tons 66 ft. 39/6.6 fpm
YKC-L03-131S239-2 3-tons 131 ft. 39/6.6 fpm
YKC-L04-040S239-2 4-tons 40 ft. 39/6.6 fpm
YKC-L04-066S239-2 4-tons 66 ft. 39/6.6 fpm
YKC-L04-131S239-2 4-tons 131 ft. 39/6.6 fpm
YKC-L05-040S239-2 5-tons 40 ft. 39/6.6 fpm
YKC-L05-066S239-2 5-tons 66 ft. 39/6.6 fpm
YKC-L05-131S239-2 5-tons 131 ft. 39/6.6 fpm
YKC-L06-040S225-2 6-tons 40 ft. 25/3.9 fpm
YKC-L06-066S225-2 6-tons 66 ft. 25/3.9 fpm
YKC-L07-040S225-2 7.5-tons 40 ft. 25/3.9 fpm
YKC-L07-066S225-2 7.5-tons 66 ft. 25/3.9 fpm
YKD-L07-056S225-2 7.5-tons 56 ft. 25/3.9 fpm
YKD-L07-093S225-2 7.5-tons 93 ft. 25/3.9 fpm
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YK Series 4 Part Reeved Monorail Hoist and Trolley
Part No. Capacity Lift Lift Spd.
YKA-L02-020S420-2 2-tons 20 ft. 20/3.3 fpm
YKA-L02-033S420-2 2-tons 33 ft. 20/3.3 fpm
YKA-LD3-020S420-2 2.5-tons 20 ft. 20/3.3 fpm
YKA-LD3-033S420-2 2.5-tons 33 ft. 20/3.3 fpm
YKA-L03-020S420-2 3-tons 20 ft. 20/3.3 fpm
YKA-L03-033S420-2 3-tons 33 ft. 20/3.3 fpm
YKB-L04-020S420-2 4-tons 20 ft. 20/3.3 fpm
YKB-L04-033S420-2 4-tons 33 ft. 20/3.3 fpm
YKB-L04-066S420-2 4-tons 66 ft. 20/3.3 fpm
YKB-L05-020S420-2 5-tons 20 ft. 20/3.3 fpm
YKB-L05-033S420-2 5-tons 33 ft. 20/3.3 fpm
YKB-L05-066S420-2 5-tons 66 ft. 20/3.3 fpm
YKB-L06-020S416-2 6-tons 20 ft. 16/2.6 fpm
YKB-L06-033S416-2 6-tons 33 ft. 16/2.6 fpm
YKB-L07-020S416-2 7.5-tons 20 ft. 16/2.6 fpm
YKB-L07-033S416-2 7.5-tons 33 ft. 16/2.6 fpm
YKC-L07-020S420-2 7.5-tons 20 ft. 20/3.3 fpm
YKC-L07-033S420-2 7.5-tons 33 ft. 20/3.3 fpm
YKC-L07-066S420-2 7.5-tons 66 ft. 20/3.3 fpm
YKC-L09-020S420-2 9-tons 20 ft. 20/3.3 fpm
YKC-L09-033S420-2 9-tons 33 ft. 20/3.3 fpm
YKC-L09-066S420-2 9-tons 66 ft. 20/3.3 fpm
YKC-L10-020S420-2 10-tons 20 ft. 20/3.3 fpm
YKC-L10-033S420-2 10-tons 33 ft. 20/3.3 fpm
YKC-L10-066S420-2 10-tons 66 ft. 20/3.3 fpm
YKC-L12-020S413-2 12.5-tons 20 ft. 13/2.0 fpm
YKC-L12-033S413-2 12.5-tons 33 ft. 13/2.0 fpm
YKC-L15-020S413-2 15-tons 20 ft. 13/2.0 fpm
YKC-L15-033S413-2 15-tons 33 ft. 13/2.0 fpm
YKC-L15-020S425-2 15-tons 20 ft. 25/3.9 fpm
YKC-L15-033S425-2 15-tons 33 ft. 25/3.9 fpm
YKD-L15-028S420-2 15-tons 28 ft. 20/3.3 fpm
YKD-L15-046S420-2 15-tons 46 ft. 20/3.3 fpm
YKD-L15-093S420-2 15-tons 93 ft. 20/3.3 fpm
YKE-S20-020S416-2 20-tons 20 ft. 16/2.6 fpm
YKE-S20-033S416-2 20-tons 33 ft. 16/2.6 fpm
YKE-S20-066S416-2 20-tons 66 ft. 16/2.6 fpm
YKE-S25-020S410-2 25-tons 20 ft. 10/1.6 fpm
YKE-S25-033S410-2 25-tons 33 ft. 10/1.6 fpm
YKE-S25-066S410-2 25-tons 66 ft. 10/1.6 fpm
YKE-S30-020S410-2 30-tons 20 ft. 10/1.6 fpm
YKE-S30-033S410-2 30-tons 33 ft. 10/1.6 fpm
YKE-S30-066S410-2 30-tons 66 ft. 10/1.6 fpm
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Yale Cable King

Yale's Cable King wire rope hoist is extremely customizable but is also full of standard features that provide optimal performance, safety, and low maintenance. These hoists are suitable for both industrial and hazardous applications. Cable King hoists are also loaded with standard features that enhance performance and durability and reduce maintenance costs. Features:

  • 1/2 to 35-ton capacity.
  • Rated for Class H-4 duty and can be configured for Class H-5 duty.
  • One-piece welded steel frame.
  • Precision spur gearing.
  • Machined steel rope drum.
  • Enclosed bottom blocks with 360° hook rotation.
  • High starting torque motor designed especially for hoisting service.
  • Automotive-type drive shaft for a smooth running, long-lasting drive.
  • Weston screw-type load brake and disk-type AC motor brakes.
  • Wide variety of controls.
  • Upper and lower adjustable and upper block operated control circuit limit switches.
  • Designed and built to meet the standards of ASME.
  • Available in monorail, base, and deck mounted and top-running versions.
  • Available for air operation.
  • Available in spark resistant and explosion proof versions.

Yale LodeKing LT

Engineered for heavy-duty CMAA Class D service, the Yale LodeKing LT wire rope hoist features the Magnetek closed loop VFD (variable frequency drive) which provides exact load control and at the same time reduces brake wear. Standard features:

  • 1/2 ton to 35-ton capacities
  • True vertical lift for better load control, easy movement, and placement of product.
  • Heavy-duty steel drop with 50% groove depth to guard against rope jumping out of groove.
  • Industry-proven, easy-to-maintain gear drive features a sight glass for quick inspection of the oil level.
  • Exceeds CMAA Class D rope to sheave and drum diameter which reduces rope maintenance.
  • Trolley VFD controls come standard on all units, allowing for smooth acceleration and deceleration.
  • Supplemental upper and lower limit switch to safely stop load from being lifted or lowered beyond set limits, reducing damage to equipment and hoist.
  • Standard flux vector hoist drive package which improves load control and allows for precise movements. Reduces brake wear.
  • 200% motor brake torque rating. Secondary brake exceeds CMAA Standards. Stops and holds a rated load quickly and securely.
  • External hoist brake resistor that allows for dynamic braking and uninterrupted drive service at high duty cycles. Hoists are not equipped with load brakes, reducing heat generation in high duty cycle applications.
  • 15 TO 25 HP motors available offers wide range of hoist lifting speeds.
Lodeking LT Top-Running Trolley Hoist and Deck Mount
Part No. Capacity Lift Lift Spd.
T010*04921-072 10-tons 49 ft. 21 fpm
T010*04929-072 10-tons 49 ft. 29 fpm
T010*04935-072 10-tons 49 ft. 35 fpm
T015*03414-072 15-tons 34 ft. 14 fpm
T015*03419-072 15-tons 34 ft. 19 fpm
T015*03423-072 15-tons 34 ft. 23 fpm
T020*02410-072 20-tons 24 ft. 10 fpm
T020*02414-072 20-tons 24 ft. 14 fpm
T020*02417-072 20-tons 24 ft. 17 fpm
T025*02309-072 25-tons 23 ft. 9 fpm
T025*02311-072 25-tons 23 ft. 11 fpm
T025*02315-072 25-tons 23 ft. 15 fpm
Call 314-869-7200 or Email for pricing. *Insert T for Top-Running D for Deck Mount *Deck Mount Units are furnished less trolley controls.

TSOC distributes Yale wire rope hoists and Yale hoist parts; serving clients from coast to coast, Canada, Mexico and especially focused in Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Nebraska, Arkansas, Mississippi, Tennessee, Kentucky, South Carolina, Florida, and Oklahoma.

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